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Interview with Marwan Azraq

"Altaaqa Alternative Solutions (Altaaqa), owns and operates the largest Caterpillar rental fleet in the world, with over 2GW capacity of fast mobile power. Jointly with its partners, Altaaqa offers total utility solutions, varying from conventional power plants, water & wastewater, and renewable energy solutions and services." - Marwan Azraq, Managing Director, Altaaqa Alternative Solutions

Please give us a brief overview of Altaaqa?

Established in 2004, Altaaqa Alternative Solutions is the oldest and largest member of the Zahid Energy Group. Other members of the Zahid Energy Group are OMAS (the Utility EPC and O&M arm, based in Saudi Arabia), Altaaqa Global Energy Services (the Global Energy Solutions Provider, based in the UAE), and Greencells Group (the solar EPC arm, based in Germany).

Since inception, Altaaqa has gone from strength to strength steadily maintaining market leadership throughout its journey. Altaaqa is renowned for providing efficient, safe and environmentally responsible total utility solutions to a diverse range of industry segments and applications, from providing power and cooling at construction sites, events, or commercial buildings, to providing large-scale power plants that feed into the national grid.

Speed is an integral factor in what we do, never compromising on quality and safety. As an example, in both 2016 and 2017, Altaaqa delivered the largest single temporary mobile power plant using CAT power modules in the history of Saudi Arabia (95 MW and 110 MW respectively) in record time of 21 days!

With a workforce of 500 employees, we pride ourselves for having achieved the highest industry standards in EHS and Quality; an accomplishment endorsed through global recognitions and awards for providing outstanding quality solutions to our customers.

What was the largest project Altaaqa delivered in 2018?

Our biggest achievement in 2018 was the completion and final commissioning of a 180 MW (6 x GE TM Turbine Frames) aero-derivative gas-fired power plant in Saudi Arabia, an achievement that we are immensely proud to add to our wall of fame gallery.

Is Altaaqa making any new investments or expanding its offering in 2019?

On the renewables front, we are positioning ourselves to be aligned with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030, which targets 9.5GW of renewable energy. Thus, Altaaqa, with its partners, will aim to participate, as developers, and address the various demands in the solar power project space. Altaaqa will also be opening retail stores which will offer solar products and solutions as well as energy services, catering to homes and business customers.

The future plans for Altaaqa are exciting and promise great opportunities for development. The work will be challenging, diverse and rewarding. We look forward to bringing local talent ready to embrace these challenges and be part of our future.

We are also developing an interesting product offering which caters to the ever growing Saudi events and entertainment Industry, and will soon announce the launch of “Altaaqa Total Entertainment Services” which we are confident will be the go-to-company for event organizers and program owners. This will allow Altaaqa to support the entertainment industry in achieving its growth and socioeconomic objectives, while offering its customers a unique experience through a diverse range of custom-made solutions and services.

How is Altaaqa aligning itself with Vision2030?

Altaaqa Vision2023 took its inspiration from Saudi Arabia’s Vision2030. In Altaaqa’s vision, the core drivers took their inspiration from the direction that Saudi Arabia is moving towards. Some of the drivers include: renewable energy, energy efficiency, independent power plants (IPP). Vision2030 also talks about government service privatization, something we are looking at very closely, in coordination with our international partners.

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